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REFLECTIONS (Robb Shenton)

A vocal version of an earlier instrumental from the Worlds Apart album. Robb has written the lyrics and Byron Elwell provides the piano/keyboard accompaniment. From the "RETRO REFLECTIONS" album. copyright Byron Elwell & Robb Shenton.

TELSTAR 2010  (Byron Elwell/Space Babes)

This has to be on the new album, "RETRO REFLECTIONS" as it was were it all started for me.
A slightly updated version of the one previously released. Some extra sounds and guitar on middle eight. This is a great instrumental written by the legendary record producer, Joe Meek. © Ivy Music.


A strong ballard specially written for Dave Kaye by Robb Shenton for the new album, "RETRO REFLECTIONS". Backing accompaniment, Byron Elwell. Guitar Etienne Steen.

©. Robb Shenton.

GALACTIC (Byron Elwell/Space Babes)

A new instrumental written by Byron for the album, "RETRO REFLECTIONS". Contains the usual Meek sounds with clavioline on the middle eight. Addtional guitar by Etienne Steen from Belgium.

©. Chestnut Bank Productions.

TORNADO (Byron Elwell/Space Babes)

This number I wrote for the A1 Steam Trust for their brand new Steam locomotive 60163 Tornado. It appears on the Space Babes Album, Worlds Apart. This is now on the "RETRO REFLECTIONS" album. Very much a Joe Meek sound from the instrumental 1960's. Chestnut Bank Productions.

RACE AGAINST TIME (Byron Elwell/Space Babes)

Another fast and pacey number. This is from the Space Babes new album Encounters. Could have had a Top Gear presenter in mind when written. © Chestnut Bank Productions.

FIREBALL XL5 (Byron Elwell/Space Babes)

Come on, own up. Who remembers this 1960’s puppet show. Vocals on the original. Done in the instrumental style of the Telstar era. © David Toff Music Publishing Co.

LIFE ON VENUS (Byron Elwell/Space Babes)

Continues the Telstar theme. One of Joe Meeks finest compositions.

I really enjoyed playing this number. From the Encounters album and now on the album, "RETRO REFLECTIONS".

© Ivy Music

IN THE GHETTO.  (Dave Kaye & The Dykons (+Friends) .

This number is taken from Dave's album, (details on the "CD's available page),  "25 Years On - 10 Years After". You can hear why Dave was the number one choice for the Elvis Uk Fan Club Conventions.


LONG NIGHT BLUES (Dave Kaye & The Dykons+Friends)

This number is from Dave's album "Sounds Like Dave Kaye". The number was written by Etienne Steen and Ernie Twells. A great song by the Master.

HOLLOWAY GHOSTS (Byron Elwell/Space Babes)
This track is from the "Retro Reflectio" album and is also on the "Encounters" album. It is a blend of two keyboards working together and producing something a little different.

LONELY JOE (Robb Shenton)

This was a number written by Robb and is released as a two track CD. The other track is also by Robb, Does'nt Everybody. Tornado's drummer, Clem Cattini produced the tracks and also played drums on them. Details on the "CD's Available" page.

RIDIN' THE WIND (Byron Elwell/Space Babes)
A Joe Meek/Tornados number. Written by George Bellamey of the Tornados. A fast moving number that is one of my all time favourites. From the "Encounters" album.

HE'LL ONLY HURT YOU (Dave Kaye/Tornado's)
This is a number recorded by Dave around 1966 by Joe Meek and the backing is by the Tornado's. This was never released and is now on You Tube. A rare classic.