Dave Kaye.

Top ex Joe Meek recording artist.

Leading Artist at the Elvis UK Fan Club Conventions during the 1960's and 1970's

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Now & Then.



                       NOW                Photo courtesy Joe Meek Society. 2014.                       THEN          Mid 1960's.



Latest News.



Congratulations to Dave for being selected for the JMS, Hall Of Fame.


On Monday, October 21st, Dave hosted a one hour show on Radio Sutch. Under the title, Celebrity Juke Box, Dave selected some of his favourite songs. Some, I am pleased to say, were his own and he most graciously chose my version of Telstar. I'm not sure how long this link to a recording of the show will be available, but I have shown it below. Well worth trying. It may only be on for a short period. Click on the Radio Sutch Celebrity Jukebox and then click the play button.



How It All Began.

 With thanks to Dave for all his notes to me and also to the Joe Meek Society and their editor, Mark Newson, editor of Thunderbolt.

Dave Kaye (real name David Knowles) was born in Mancot, Queensferry, North Wales in 1941 and then moved to Swansea where Dave's dad was a Station Master at a place called Dunvant. At the age of five, his family moved to Ripley in Derbyshire. Dave has lived in this County ever since. In the early days, Dave's idol was Pat Boone, although he has forever been associated with Elvis. In his early days, Dave became a lorry driver. He auditioned to join the Echoes (the original Dykons) and was chosen to become their lead singer and the name was changed to Dave Kaye and the Dykons.He soon became known locally as an Elvis sound alike and was spotted by Albert Hand who at the time was running the Elvis Presley Appreciation Society and had written a book about Elvis but also had a publishing Company that produced and printed Elvis Monthly, Pop Weekly, Teenbeat, and Swap Shop. Albert and his wife, Phyllis, were no strangers to the big music celebs and many visited his music shop "Heanor Record Centre" in Heanor, Derbyshire.After hearing Dave sing locally he approached Dave and in a very broad Derbyshire accent said "Heh up youth, tha sounds just like Elvis". Albert was very impressed in Dave's singing and along with a friend of Albert's, Dave Cardwell, they suggested that Dave should audition for record producer, Joe Meek.  Dave, along with Dykon guitarist, Keith Staley, Albert Hand and Dave Cardwell, arranged a meeting at Joe Meek's Holloway Road Studio. I asked Dave what he sang but he could'nt remember if it was Bachelor Boy or Living Doll but said it was a Cliff Richard number. Having heard Dave, Joe was equally impressed and suggested that Dave record an Elvis number one, from 1959, 'A Fool Such As I'.



Left......DEMO PRESSING OF FOOL SUCH AS I, (courtesy of Dave Kaye. )

Right........ Yesterday When I Was Young on Stateside label. Released here on the Major Minor label.


Copies of the A & B side of Yesterday When I was Young and Say You Love Me. This is the version that was released in Turkey on Stateside.

Joe did not want to use the Dykons as the backing group so the house band the Outlaws provided the backing. Joe often chose to use his house band and the Saints, Outlaws, Tornados could be mixed together to form the band for that particular day. Imagine Dave's surprise at having musicians like Ritchie Blackmore, Chas Hodges, Jimmy Page, Ike Isaacs and the Tornado's featured on his records.The B side as it was known was 'It's Nice In't It' (Derbyshire slang) and the backing was by the Saints. When 'Fool Such As I'  was released it was received with some controversy as in those days, no one imitated the 'King'. The tracks were released on the Decca label and to make matters worse, they printed the label as Davy Kaye, instead of Dave. The record did sell some 7,000 copies. After this, Dave continued to tour with the Dykons up and down the country. The Dykons consisted of Keith Staley, lead guitar, John Middleton, rhythm guitar, John Baker, bass guitar and Malcolm Froggatt on drums.  Receiving the tag of an Elvis impersonator, this was not true but due to the fact that Dave has a voice that just happens to sound like Elvis. On quite a few of Dave's numbers there is a likeness to the great Roy Orbison and this was picked up by Joe Meek, who wanted Dave to be a British version of Roy. Yet again, Dave was tagged to another artist instead of being reconised as himself. With Albert Hands interest in Elvis and being manager to Dave, it was obvious that Dave was pushed towards Elvis's way of singing.

As 'A Fool Such As I' never charted,  another Elvis song was chosen as a follow up which caused even more controversy than the first one. The song 'In My Way'  came from the Elvis film, 'Wild In The Country'  and the B side, which is a classic Meek sound, was 'All The Stars In Heaven'.   Dave and everyone agreed that it was a terrible mistake to put a spoken introduction at the beginning and even to this day, Dave hates it. On one of Dave's later cd albums he re-recorded this at Meadow Studios, Ripley and removed the spoken intro.  The record received some bad publicity and the fact that Dave dare tell Joe Meek that he didn't like the spoken intro (a brave thing to do with Meeks temper)  was told you need a gimmick. It was refused air play by some BBC producers who stated this was because of 'bad taste', cashing in and lack of sincerity'. When it was played on Juke Box Jury it was also slated by the panel, Don Wardell, Thora Hird, Gene Pitney and a female music student. I understand that top jazz musician Ike Isaacs played lead on this. On the B side 'All The Stars In Heaven', Jimmy Page played rhythm guitar and the song was written by Joe. 'In My Way' reached number 46 in the Record Retailer charts, selling 15,000 copies. It also sold well in the United States so Dave was set to attack there and says he 'had the jabs, the tickets were booked' only to be told two weeks before he was due to travel, that he could'nt get a permit to enter the USA. Other UK singers also suffered this bad luck including Billy Fury.

Dave had to be content touring again with the Dykons and appeared at the inauguration for 'The Elvis Presley Appreciation Society at St Pancras Town Hall in 1966. 'In My Way' was chosen as the song for the launch. All reviews in top magazines, newspapers including New Musical Express and Disc, were full of praise. Tit Bits stated that he had to be the nearest thing to Elvis himself. Dave continued working with Albert Hand until towards the end of the 1960's. As Albert was President of The Elvis Presley Appreciation Society, he was able to get lots of advance records (final recordings which hadn't yet been released). He was able to send hundreds of copies of records out before their release date. He was able to get access to these records mostly because of his position as Editor of Pop Weekly and as Dave was a close friend, he got to listen to these records as soon as Albert received them. Dave says he learnt 'I Wanna Hold Your Hand' and 'I Feel Fine' by the Beatles and sang them at our gigs before anyone in Britain had heard of them.



 Early days. The Original Dykon.


l-r rear.  John Middleton, Malc Froggatt, Keith Staley, kneeling front, Dave Kaye and John Baker.

Dave and the Dykons made an excellent early demo LP in Derby. The album has some never before released tracks and even today, complete with scratch sounds, still sounds great. This original line would continue for many years into the early seventies when Byron Elwell joined on Vox organ and a year or two later, John Middleton left the group.





Vox supplied many groups with equipment to promote their products. Dave Kaye & The Dykons were considered good enough to be included in this.




Telegram from Colonel Parker to Dave's manager, Albert Hand's family after Alberts death.



Announcement of Manager, Albert Hand's death in the Ripley & Heanor News.






Review of event at Tiffany's, Derby, EARLY 1970's.





Photo taken at Jolly's Night Club, Stoke On Trent in 1978.











Photo shot set up in Hampstead Heath by Joe Meek.

Mid 1960's.





Letter to Dave from DJ Emperor Rosko




Convention tickets.




An event at Jolly's Night Club, Stoke On Trent in 1978.





One of the Elvis badges that was available at the time, to all Elvis Fan Club members that applied.





Dave in the mid 1960's.












The Original, Dave Kaye & The Dykons..

Photo's courtesy of Dave Kaye.





Early days. The original group, posing for the camera in manager, Albert Hands, Sunbeam Rapier.


Outside of Manager, Albert Hands Record Shop in Heanor, Derbyshire.



Major Minor Record Promotion.





Early Elvis Conventions. Original Members.




Elvis Convention 1968. Note. There was no need for banks of equipment in those days. Plenty of power from the Vox amps (with valves !!!).



Courtsy of the JMS Thunderbolt Magazine.




  Signing autographs for fans at the De Montfort Hall              Another Elvis Fan Club

  in Leicester, 1968.                                                                     Convention in Glasgow.

                                                                                                                                                        Early 1970's.




Taken fron the Nottingham Evening Post, 1993. (Sorry the print is not clearer).


  Having had some success, Dave did receive a lot of air time on Radio Luxembourg and in time became friends with many of the DJ's. This didn't do Dave's reputation any harm and a measure of his standing at that time came when amplifier manufacturers, Vox, gave him an amp for using his name. He was in New Musical Express, along side The Beatles, The Searchers, Gerry and the Pacemakers and Dave Kaye and the Dykons. Daves next number to be recorded at Joe Meeks studio at Holloway Road in London was 'He'll Only Hurt You' in around 1966 and was recorded with a later version of the Tornados. Dave believes the B side was 'My Hearts An Open Book'. The B side lingers somewhere in the depths of the famous tea chest tapes and 'He'll Only Hurt You' was shelved by Decca as the psychedelic era had dawned. Recently, this track was rediscovered and is still in original mode and is what I believe, one of Dave's strongest sounding vocal tracks. It is hoped that Dave will attempt to re-record with top Meek tribute band, The Triumphs.

It wasn't long after this that Joe Meek shot himself after shooting dead his landlady.

 With Meek recordings now finished, Dave teamed up with renowned DJ Emperor Rosko and started doing Elvis Conventions throughout Europe, even singing in the Elvis movie, 'Thats The Way It Is'. Dave and the Dykons even had a clip or two in other Elvis documentary movies. In 1969, Dave and the Dykons (who deserved to be backing Dave) recorded a popular number 'Yesterday When I Was Young'. This was released in 1969 on the Major Minor label and produced by DJ, Emporor Rosko who they met at one of the Leicester Conventions. The B side was a number 'Say You Love Me' by local musician, Bob Rowe. Suddenly everything looked rosey but all of a suddon when things were taking off, the 'payola' scandal blew up and the BBC refused to play it.  A bigger blow was to come later when Todd Slaughter, who now ran the Elvis Fan Club, took Dave into a building in London and there was this huge map of Wembley Stadium on the wall showing seating, a stage area, sound and light installations,etc. Todd said he's coming. Dave asked who and was told Elvis was coming to Wembley and you will be supporting him. Of course, for various reasons it never happened so to Dave, this topped the lot when people talk about disappointments. While he was signed up for label, Major Minor Records, appearances were lined up for The Golden Shot and Jess Yates, Stars On Sunday. Four weeks later, Major Minor went bust !!!  The last shattering blow came in 1977 when Elvis died and Dave was booked for the Elvis Convention at Nottingham Palais. Dave says, "The show went ahead but I have never known an atmosphere like it. Total grief, the floor was wet with tears and the St Johns Ambulance people were shipping fans to hospital, totally distraught.

   After this came all the Elvis impersonators, dressed in black wig and jump suit. This never interested Dave so he decided to finally pull out. 

  Dave has played at a couple of events at the Holloway in London for John Repsch with backing supplied by other bands. Dave also did a couple of numbers at Newent with the Rapiers. It would be nice if Dave got to do a gig with his own band, The Dykons at a Meek event.

After many changes in the group line up, Dave still continues to sing today, and memories flood back. Elvis may have left the building, but thanks to his still strong voice, Dave Kaye is still keeping em' rocking. Long may it be.  More info to be added further down.


Another Star Of The Future.




This plate was made at Johnson's Potteries in Stoke On Trent. There were only ever 12 made and this one was presented to Dave at the Jolly's Night Club in Stoke On Trent, during a gig in 1978 by Dave Walton.




Ripley and Heanor News January 1994.


Ripley & Heanor News. 1996.


 Newspaper clipping from 1987. None of the original Dykons on here.

Charity Night At The Spanker Inn, Nether Heage, Derbyshire.



Dave with his brother, Roy. Sometime during the 1960's.


No artics or Transits in those days. Just the faithfull Ford Thames van



Action Man.



Another photo from the above recording session at Meadow Farm Recording Studio's, Lower Hartshay, Ripley, Derbyshire 1987.

l - r  Dave,  John Burnham (guitar and sax), John Crich (keyboards), John Huithwaite (drums), and Dave Sharp (bass).


Another great sell out.


 Elvis Luxembourg Convention. 1970.

This was when Dave and the Dykons were filmed for a clip in the Elvis film, 'Thats The Way It Is'.


Also from the Luxembourg Convention.




Star light Club, Corby, Northants around the late 1970's.

l - r John Baker (bass), Malc Froggatt (drums), Pete McGrother (guitar). Out of camera was Tony Johnson (keyboards).



After I joined the Dykons. Event unknown.



On stage, early 1980's.

Paul Taylor on drums and Dave Sharp on bass.


l-r John Baker (bass), Dave Kaye, Malc Froggatt (drums), Tonia Dixon (vocals),

Pete McGrother (lead guitar). Unknown venue.



Regal Ballroom, Ripley, Derbyshire, 1996.

l - r Stewart Field (bass), Malc Froggatt (drums), DJ (unknown), Debbie Richards (vocals) and Tonia Dixon (vocals). Other group members Rob Bradley (lead guitar) and Dave Lennox (keyboards).



Another from the Regal Ballroom, Ripley.

l - r   Rob Bradley (lead guitar), Dave,  Stewart Field (bass), Malc Froggatt (drums), DJ at rear, and Debbie Richards (vocals).



Slab Square, Nottingham, Jubilee Year 2002.

l - r John Baker (bass), Malc Froggatt (drums), Dave Kaye, Pete McGrother (lead guitar), Dave Lennox (keyboards).



Slab Square, Nottingham, Jubilee Year 2002.

l - r John Baker (bass), Dave Kaye, Malc Froggatt (drums), Pete McGrother (lead guitar), Tonia Dixon (vocals), Dave Lennox (keyboards).



Appearing at the Belper Steam Festival, September 15th 2012.

l-r Pete McGrother, Willie Watts (behind Dave, Dave Kaye, Malc Froggatt and Ray Rhodes

Members of The Dykons who backed Dave on the Album 'Sounds Like Dave Kaye'. Taken at a gig around 1992 - 93.

L-R. Dave Pick (bass guitar), John Boss (keyboards), John Haithwaite (drums), John Burnham (Tenor Sax/guitar).



Dave with Emperor Rosko, late 1960's. Two more with Rosko further down the page.









Special Events and Elvis Convention programmes.



At an event around 1972.





Taking a break outside the theatre in Luxembourg.




At a Joe Meek event at the Holloway with Heinz, Kim Roberts.



 With Emperor Rosko at Orange Studio's during the recording of Yesterday When I Was Young.




 Back stage with ex Meek artist, Mike Berry who Dave saw in a show at South Normanton, Derbyshire.




Dave and a new Dykon line up at Clifton, Nottinghamshire, 1993 - 1994.

l - r  John Boss, keyboards, John Haithwaite, drums, Dave Pick, Bass, Etienne Steen, lead guitar and John Burnham, sax and guitar.

  A few months after this photo was taken James Moreton (guitar) replaced John Burnham. James also played in the Dykons when I was a member around 1972/3.



During the 1966 Brussels Elvis Convention.

 l-r  Phyilis Hand, Albert Hand, Madame Du Bois, DJ Peter Aldersley, leaning behind him (unknown), Dave Kaye and Madame Du Bois's daughter.





 Dave's track "A Fool Such As I" is track 13 and lists Dave as Davy Kaye.



Dave (listed as David) Kaye has his track "In My Way" on this Album, "They Thought They Were Elvis"















A copy of Yesterday When I Was Young sent to me from a fan in Sweden.




With Emperor Rosko at the BBC.







With the man himself at a Joe Meek AGM/Concert evening in Newent.




Dave and the Dykons in a jovial mood in the sixties.





Appearing at an outside event, dressed in US G.I military uniforms during the 1990's.





Taken from The New Musical Express 1969.




CD'S Available.

All details of track listing, ordering details and prices are available on the "CD'S AVAILABLE PAGE" on this site.


£6.50 plus post and packing = £7.10

 This is a fantastic cd album of 14 great tracks. This is Dave at his very best. 13 of the tracks were written for Dave. Great backing by some of the very best musicians in the business.


£6.50 plus post and packing = £7.10

  This album is a must for any Elvis fan. 17 great tracks including Suspicious Minds, My Boy, Moody Blue, American Trilogy (my favourite).

This album proves why Dave was chosen to perform by the Elvis Presley UK Fan Club for their world wide Conventions.

  Special Offer. Buy both cd's for the special price of £10, Including post and packing.



  This is an album on which Dave did 6 of his tracks, I did 6 Meek/Tornado style instrumentals and ex Meek artist,Rob Shenton, also did 6 tracks.



Songs on You Tube.

 To locate a track, please enter the track title followed by Dave Kaye.


The following was entered as FOOL SUCH AS I  DAVY KAYE (instead of Dave Kaye).


More tracks being added and there are some 59 second samples on the JUKE BOX PAGE on this site.



Special People.

Wife, Jackie and son Jamie and daughter Emma. Long time friend and fellow original band member, Malc Froggatt, still drumming with Dave today. Original Dykons, John Baker, Keith Staley and the late, John Middleton, and of course, Malc Froggatt. Bob Rowe who helped out at many of the Elvis Conventions and was always there when required to help out. All the many musicians who over the years have been Dykons, including myself. Stewart Field who runs the Meadow Farm Recording Studio at Lower Hartshay, Ripley, Derbyshire.

Dave has two very talented friends/musicians who composed many numbers for him and they are top Belgium guitarist/composer, Etienne Steen and lyricist Ernie Twells who between them have written many great numbers for Dave and many of these are on the album, 'Sounds Like Dave Kaye'.

 The late Albert Hand and his family.

     Todd Slaughter of the Elvis Presley UK Fan Club and DJ of the Elvis Hour on Radio Caroline for all the Elvis Conventions we played at over the years and for being a good friend.

The Joe Meek Society, committee and members who continue to support Dave today. The RGMS who also help keep Joe's name alive.

   Stewart Rice for organising the Rotary gigs and for being a good friend.

 Keith Liddell for placing many of Dave's tracks on You Tube.

  Robert Stigwood  (managed the Bee Gee's for years, also involved with the Beatles). , Dave Cardwell for arranging my meeting with record producer, Joe Meek.  Dave Walton, Mike Adams and the late Chris Savory (BBC Radio Shropshire). Spencer Leigh (BBC Radio Merseyside), Legendary Lonnie (BBC Radio Stoke), Peter Wilson, Peter Aldersley, DJ's Tony Prince, Kid Jenson and Emperor Rosko.

  Tony Prince of Radio Luxembourg and the late Reg Calvert for his many great gigs at Nuneaton Co-op Hall with some great bands, ie Screaming Lord Sutch, Pinkertons Assorted Colours and many other great musicians that passed through Joe Meek's stable.

   Spencer Leigh of Radio Merseyside and the legendary, Lonnie of Stoke Radio.

   Byron Elwell (Chestnut Bank Productions and ex Dykon). 

  All the dedicated fans and supporters who have followed us over the years, and to many who still do today.



What the papers had to say.

 "Word perfect Kaye, howled through his recital of Presley rockers. Women screamed as he moved, and young men jumped up onto the stage to be beside the singer. As Dave swept through Are You Lonesome Tonight, not a breath was heard - every pair of lips in the house were mouthing the lines with him" Ray Connolly - screen writer of That'll Be The Day and Stardust reporting Kaye's Luxembourg Elvis Convention performance for the London Evening Standard.

 "The singer with the Elvis notes....." Judith Symonds - Daily Express.

"Dave Kaye, highlight of the programme with his interpretations of the Elvis Presley stage act". Phil Symes - Disc.

 "Opening the show with a blast, Dave Kaye. It wasn't long before some of the audience were up and dancing on stage". John Wells - New Musical Express.

 "Everyone was on their toes when the fan clubs fave singer, Dave Kaye gave a most professional performance." Tony Prince (Radio Luxembourg DJ) - Fabulous Magazine.

"A truly fine performer............" Don Wardell - 208 Times.

"The best likeness to Elvis Presley - a professional!" Denis Sanders, Producer.

 "Keeping the throne warm for Elvis. If Elvis is the King of pop, then Dave Kaye is the Great Pretender -Elvis European fans love him. And with his unique line in impersonations of the American singer, he has to be the nearest thing to Elvis himself". Roger Woodcock - Tit Bits Magazine.

 " His act, which lasted over 55 minutes without a break, gave a superb example of Western pop culture. Dave Kaye proved that he could sing as well as the great master, without the backing of a full orchestra and choir". Milos Skalka - Czech Weekly Review.

 "A new act from England, with a lead singer who could easily be making records under the name of Elvis Presley........" Unknown - Le Soir.

 Elvis Monthly simply described the voice as sweet dynamite.  Dave's Fans strongly belive that his voice has such remarkable warmth, versatility and power and that he's everybody rolled into one. Joe Meek refers to Dave as "The Orbison voice".  Dave Cardwell insists he's more like Billy Fury.

There are so many more reviews,etc that it would be impossible to list here.


Musicians who have been Dykons on various tracks.

  BYRON ELWELL (backing track) and ETIENNE STEEN (Guitar) on the new track "Now Your The Girl Of My Best Friend".

 MALCOLM FROGGATT (drums), JOHN MIDDLETON (Guitar), JOHN BAKER (Bass guitar), BOB ROWE (Guitar,vibes, organ) on the Major Minor record, "Yesterday When I Was Young" and Say You Love Me"

 KEITH STALEY (original Dykon).

JAMES MORETON (guitarist)  On stage events only. Not on any tracks.

 ETIENNE STEEN (backing track), ROGER HAGERTY (piano), STEWART FIELD (trumpet), DAVE KAYE (lead and backing vocals), TREVOR DUNFORD (lead guitar), JOHN BURNHAM (sax and guitar), JOHN BOSS (keyboards), DAVE PICK (bass guitar), JOHN HAITHWAITE (drums), STEWART FIELD (brass), MEL DOUGLAS (backing vocals) and LESLEY FIELD (backing vocals) on the "SOUNDS LIKE DAVE KAYE" album by DAVE KAYE KAYE & FRIENDS.

 JOHN BURNHAM (sax and guitar), JOHN CHRICH (keyboards), DAVE SHARP (bass guitar), JOHN HAITHWAITE (drums), STEWART FIELD  (brass), MEL DOUGLAS (backing vocals) and LESLEY FIELD (backing vocals) on the "25 YEARS  ON, 10 YEARS AFTER"  album.

 RICHIE BLACKMORE, MICK UNDERWOOD, CHAS HODGES, KEN LUNDGREN, IKE IZAACS, various members of the OUTLAWS and the 1965/66 TORNADOS with sax player for backing on the JOE MEEK tracks and recordings.


Todays Dykons.

 MALCOLM FROGGATT (drums)       RAY RHODES (keyboards)     PETE McGROTHER (lead/rhythm guitar) and WILLIE WATTS (bass guitar).

 Still loads more info to load. Keep checking.